In our lab we are interested in employing synthetic organic chemistry as a tool to probe and manipulate the structure and function of biologically relevant molecules to study life and disease processes. Our ultimate goal is the development of new diagnostic tools for early detection of disease and targeted therapeutics.

Carbohydrates have emerged as important factors of molecular recognition in biology and medicine. Understanding the roles of these complex molecules, which are found on the surface of cells as part of glycoproteins or glycolipids is of great importance. However, the synthesis of these oligosaccharide structures is still a challenging task.

Our current research interests focus on the development of new efficient and stereoselective synthetic apporaches for the facile synthesis of oligosaccharide libraries and glycoconjugates drug analogues. 

We are also interested in the development of multivalent fluorescent nanoplatforms to study carbohydrate-protein interactions in living systems.